Covid-19 Regulations

In order to protect our community to the best of our ability and follow the regulations put in place by the authorities, we would like to list the measures taken by the club to safeguard our students, parents and coaches. We ask that all parents read this carefully and communicate the guidelines with your children before coming to the gym.

• If you have recently returned from travel we require a negative Covid-19 test result from the parent(s) that have accompanied the student on the flight. If a student is older than 12 years, a negative test result for the student is required. Students under the age of 12 years old are not required to be tested.

• All students 6 years old and above are required to wear a mask during the class. The mask may only be removed momentarily while engaging in strenuous exercises. Students under the age of 6 years old are not required to wear masks and the decision to wear a mask will lie with each individual family. Staff will wear masks at all times.

• Parents/siblings are not allowed to stay in the gym at any time. This in accordance with the “No spectators” regulation outlined by the authorities.

• To ensure everyone’s safety and avoid congregations within the gym, a maximum of 10 parents will be allowed in the gym at any one time and solely for the purpose of making payment. Please follow the signage on the ground and stay socially distanced.

• Thermal scan will be conducted on every person entering the gym on the forehead or the wrist. Anyone with a temperature above 37.5C will not be permitted to enter the gym.

• Social distancing is applicable

• All students are required to bring their own water bottle.
• Students are required to sanitize their hands prior to enter the gym.

• The equipment in the gym will be sanitized between each batch. A full sterilization with spray machine will be conducted each day.

•All guidelines mentioned are subject to change at a moment’s notice following any updates from the authorities. For the safety of all our students and families we ask that you adhere to these measures and refrain from requesting deviations from the set guidelines.

We are grateful for the opportunity to offer our services to the community during these difficult times and we make every effort to do so responsibly.

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