Benefits of gymnastics Dubai

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children benefit from classes and participation at GT Academy. We have detailed below some of the actual benefits that flow directly from participating in our programs. You have already done some wonderful parenting by getting your child interested in this educational sport. Many of the benefits from gymnastics are NOT related to learning gymnastics skills because many development areas are touched on through your child’s participation that will help them become a better student and young adult. Gymnastics lessons are not just about learning to become gymnasts. There are so many more important areas to consider. ALL children, regardless of age and ability, should stay in gymnastics for 3-5 years or more so that they can fully benefit from the great lessons gymnastics has to teach.


At GT Academy the gymnastics skills are broken down into small steps. As your child takes these steps and learns the skills they develop confidence in their abilities. They learn how to learn and achieve and this self-confidence carries over into their school-work and other sports.


Gymnastics instruction helps develop coordination and body movement. Young children in particular gain a great deal of self-confidence through how coordinated they are because their “world” is so physical rather than mental. Gymnastics definitely provides them with a leg up.

Hard Work Ethic

Gymnastics is a tough sport. It may be toughest sport in the world. One of the great things about gymnastics is that no one, not even our terrific teachers, can give your child anything. Your child has to earn the skills they learn themselves. And they will also learn that the harder they try and the more effort they give the more they will learn. What a great lesson! Your child learns to work hard, develops self-confidence and increases their self-esteem by actually achieving success.


Participation in gymnastics helps our students become more flexible. Success in every sport whether it is gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, football, skiing, tennis, golf, or football requires flexible athletes. Gymnastics develops flexibility better than any other activity and this increased flexibility has the added benefit of limiting injuries.

Social Skills

Especially for our younger ones, gymnastics provides a once a week opportunity to learn about social skills such as listening, taking turns, following directions, working independently, being quiet, respecting others, and a lot more. Our teachers work hard to build these social skills because they are so important to a quality learning environment.


This is so important today. We have rules in the gym to keep our students safe and to help them learn. Our teachers expect their students to follow those rules. In this way gymnastics is a very controlled environment and the more children thrive in this type of setting the better off they will be.


We stress being polite in class as a logical extension of our lessons in discipline and social skills. The teachers are positive and polite to the children and we insist that they be polite in return. We also insist that they be polite to one another. We try to help you in your efforts to raise a respectful child.


Ours is a world full of obese children who risk their health and happiness by being overweight. What better gift can you give to your child than one that teaches and encourages an active life? Teach them that movement and activity are fun and they will get up off the couch. Teach them that they can be successful in learning new physical skills and they will stay away from the TV and computer screens. Gymnastics is fun fitness. We can help you give your child this wonderful gift.


There are some aspects of gymnastics that are challenging. We believe that it is good to teach children that life is full of challenges and that they can overcome these challenges. Children need to be challenged! The key is that at GT Academy Gymnastics we present them with “attainable challenges”. As they approach and succeed, maybe with a little fear, they will learn to trust their ability to be successful in the things they try. What a wonderful lesson! It is a lesson we see children learn every day and it is an essential part of what we teach.


Gymnastics builds determination. Some gymnastics skills are hard to master so the children learn determination in continuing to work hard even when things are tough. Such an important lesson. Ever wonder why our gym is full of mats and padded wall to wall? We expect our students to fall down. We want them to fall down. This is the only way we can teach them to get back up and to try again. Can there be a more important lesson?

Learning to Perform In Front of Others

This is perhaps the most overlooked lesson that children learn in gymnastics. Our students “perform” in front of others all the time. They are taught that performance is simply part of life and as they build up their confidence in their ability to do their best when others are watching. Our students are often the first to volunteer to go first and to demonstrate in front of the class.

Strength and Power

Do you want a strong child? You have them in the right place. Gymnastics is all about lifting and moving the body and all that lifting and moving on bars, and rings, and on the floor develops strength. Combine the lessons and benefits of gymnastics in terms of strength, flexibility, courage, coordination, and determination and you have the makings of a complete athlete who is ready for any sport or activity.

Benefits of gymnastics Dubai
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